Pregnant with my second child... I just found out.

June 26, 2017 -- My husband and I have been trying (not very hard) to get pregnant since the beginning of this year. We left it up to God to see if we would get pregnant or not. February rolled in and my son and I got nasty colds from a play date. Then, I finally kicked the cold two weeks later and suddenly picked up another bug someplace else. I was literally sick with different strains of colds for three months because another place I got sick at was at the gym. Some woman went to Zumba while sick which is so horrible because it is an enclosed multi-use room where the class is held.

Well fast forward to Sunday, my family and I had lunch at Panera Bread. Usually, I eat a whole order of a flat bread sandwich. Not this time! For some reason, I was fine eating only half. Uh, okay body. Well, I've been trying to lose weight so maybe my stomach finally shrunk a bit, I thought. All day yesterday and today I've been feeling weird from my belly. I even had a headache the other day that wouldn't go away so I took a regular Tylenol and swiped my temples and neck with a peppermint oil stick.

Today, the curiosity finally got me. There was an extra pregnancy test in the bathroom from the last time I tested so I used it. It was showing negative which was fine, no big deal, we'll just keep trying. But as the 60 seconds got closer, an extra line began to appear. I'm thinking, that can't be right. Its faded still. It must be negative. A few more seconds pass and that line is bright.

Oh em gee, I'm pregnant?!

Am I really pregnant?

Did this finally happen seven months later?

Yeah, buddy! *Cheers! Whoots! Yahooos!* All in my head.

I'm not ready to tell my husband yet so I'm telling blogger.


BACKSTORY: Last week my husband, Eric, had a dream that we were in the hospital. I delivered a baby girl that looked just like my son. When Eric asked me what her name is, I refused to answer him. He asked me two or three times in the dream and he never got a response. My husband had a premonition about our baby.  💖

Emma and Prince Box Subscription REVIEW

The perfect subscription box for the pregnant mom in your life and her baby.

Have you ever signed up for a subscription box and were so excited when it finally arrived? I have and it feels great to get a surprise in the mail.  I was ecstatic about receiving the opportunity to review a June 2017 Pampered Momma Box. This is a subscription-based service available on In exchange for a review, Emma sent me her latest creation. For more information about this partnership, please visit my disclosure policy.

    What was in the box?
    1. A glass oil diffuser with reeds. Use this with your own essential oils, sit back, and relax. I didn't have any oils so I used it as a mini vase.

    2. One Mama Bear Collection by DS Body Bump Oil - Use during pregnancy to moisturize your skin and maximize elasticity. 

    3. Artisan Crafted Body Bar - A warm vanilla oatmeal soap bar. It exudes comfort and feels great against the skin. The oatmeal actually decorates the sides of the bar as well.

    4. Warm Vanilla organic kosher soy wax melts. This should be used with a wax warmer. Hopefully, an upcoming box contains a mini wax melter!

    5. An aromatherapy inhaler - Pop out your essential oils once again and add a few drops to the wick "for relaxation on the go!

    Who is Emma and Prince?
    Pampered Momma Box recently switched to a new name. So be sure to look them up at and sign up for the next subscription box. Treat yourself or a loved one with promo code ROYALTY to receive 10% off a three-month subscription. New changes mean new goodies so she's also throwing in an item for the baby.

    I loved it! Where can I get more?
    You're in luck! You can view items available in their Etsy store and buy more of the item you loved a la carte. This is a great option for those items that you need to refill.

    Comment below to share which surprises you received in your monthly box! 

    Need to get in touch with Emma&Prince?
    Contact: EMAIL

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    How to make an inexpensive DIY ribbon display for your kid's room.

    How to make an inexpensive do-it-yourself ribbon display for your kid's room.

    My son takes swim lessons and has been in the pool since he was a one year old. He enjoys it and always looks forward to the next time he has a lesson. Now that he is no longer in the water babies class he is going to start collecting ribbons each time his instructors move him to the next level. I want to use these ribbons as decor for his new big boy room so created an easy to make mini display that can grow with him over the coming years.

    For this activity you will need:
    1. Cork board - Square or long strips depending on the style you want to accomplish. I purchased this pack of cork wall tiles from OfficeMax.
    2. Fabric - A cute themed fabric to show off which activity your child received the ribbon for a solid to match the decor of the room.
    3. Fabric scissors.
    4. Hot glue gun and extra glue. I'm using a low heat glue gun.
    5. Thumb tacks or pins.

    1. Take your glue gun and glue around the outer edge of one side of the cork board. Then carefully apply the fabric onto the glue. Finish each side of the board before continuing to the next section. On the third section add one strip of hot glue down the halfway down the middle so the fabric stays smooth without too many glue bumps. Then close off the fourth section and flip the board to the back.
    2. Now take your fabric scissors and cut four squares off the corners. 
    3. Add hot glue to the fabric and quickly fold down the fabric. Press it down carefully. A heavy book or other heavy flat item may be used to flatten down the fabric depending on the thickness of the fabric and how hot the glue is.
    4. Attach the pins and hang your ribbons.
    5. This cork set comes with mounting tape. Once you decide on the location of your ribbon display, you can mount it directly onto the wall or another item that you may like to layer the board with.
     Be sure to mount your new display in an area out of reach of young children. We want this display to last a long time and don't want your child to get hurt by the pins. I'd love to see your finished work so take a photo and link it in the comments below.

    Happy decorating!

    Do-It-Yourself DIY Ribbon Display Ribbon Holder Children's Decor Trophies 

    IIFYM | Eating Healthy While at Disneyland

    If It Fits Your Macros... while at Disneyland?

    I'm on a fitness journey to a healthier weight but I still want to try and eat healthy while away on vacation. So here is a list of healthy foods by Disneyland location and in my opinion lower-calorie meals. The only place I could find some nutrition facts was on Myfitnesspal so be sure to download the app if you are tracking your foods while in the park.

    Disneyland: $14.99 and Under

    • Market House (Starbucks) - Main St. USA - breakfast/snacks
      • Menu
        • Spinach, Feta & Cage-free Egg White Breakfast Wrap
        • Fresh Fruit and Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt Parfait
        • Whole Fruit
        • Veggie Cup with Ranch
        • Berry Bowl
        • Carrots, Grapes & Cheese with Pretzels

    • Plaza Inn - Main St USA - breakfast
      • Menu
        • Made-to-Order Omelets
        • Scrambled eggs
        • Sausage - 2 links
        • Lunch - Cobb Salad, House Salad
    • Rancho Del Zocalo - Frontierland - breakfast/lunch/dinner
      • Menu
        • American Breakfast Plate
        • Fajita Beef Breakfast Platter
        • Fresh fruit cup
        • Lunch - Refried beans and flour tortillas have a lot more calories but if you're walking the park all day then it should not be a problem. Live a little!
    • Bengal Barbecue - Adventureland - snack
      • Menu
        • Pick any protein or veggie skewer from here!
    • Clarabelle's - Mickey's Toon Town - lunch/dinner
      • Menu
        • Slow roasted turkey sandwich
        • fruit salad
        • chef salad
    • French Market Restaurant - New Orleans Square - lunch/dinner
      • Menu
        • New Orleans Salad
        • Red beans and rice with Andouille Sausage
    • Galactic Grill - Tomorrowland - lunch/dinner
      • Menu
        • First Order Specialty burger - not including bun, mayo, or fries. If the bun is wheat, then its fine to eat. White processed bread is not healthy however.
        • Cheese 3PO burger - no bread or fries
        • Chopper Salad
        • Wicket's Wicked Veggie Wrap - no fries, Pesto Aioli is optional
          • Choose yogurt over fries to avoid constipation.
    • Hungry Bear Restaurant - Critter Country - lunch/dinner
      • Menu
        • Turkey Caeser Wrap
        • Picnic Salad
    • Red Rose Taverne - Fantasyland - lunch/dinner
      • Menu
        • Enchanted Cauli-flower Sandwich with apples
        • Classic Angus 1/3lb Cheeseburger with apples
        • Chef's Chopped Salad - comes with blue cheese.
        • Garden Mozzarella flat bread

    Kids Mickey Check meals

    These are nutritious meals that meet Disney's Nutrition Guidelines for Complete Meals. The pack comes with items such as a mini yogurt drink, carrots, apples, and goldfish crackers. Its perfect for snacking on the go or to offer your child something healthier with their chicken nuggets instead of greasy fries.

    Take your own snacks too. 

    Pack some fresh fruit, protein bars, crackers, etc. My favorite protein bar is by RXBar. Its not filled with sugar and comes in a variety of flavors but my favorite flavor is hands down Blueberry. There is no chocolate in it so the bar won't melt in the SoCal heat. RXBars are also made with real ingredients that will keep your belly happy plus it has 4 grams of fiber. I noticed some of the other brands don't add fiber to their bars. Fiber will help keep you full longer and has the added benefit of keeping your bowel movements regular. Many people get constipated while on vacation and its usually because they aren't drinking enough water or eating sufficient amounts of fiber.

    The character meals (sit down restaurants) are also fantastic because they offer a buffet. You can choose from a variety of foods and put on your plate as much or as little as you want to eat. They can be expensive but my family's favorite is at Plaza Inn with Minnie and the gang!

    Don't consume your entire day worrying about macros while on vacation. Its easy to walk around eight miles while at the park. Between walking to and from your hotel room if staying on property or at a Good Neighbor hotel, you will easily walk around 20,000 steps. Take your activity tracker and see how quickly your steps increase while having fun! Have some dessert and enjoy yourself as well.

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    My first instagram raffle

    Instagram RAFFLE TIME!

    To celebrate my birthday I'm holding a raffle on Instagram. Follow me @brb_mermaiding for the chance to win a LOVE FITNESS APPAREL $25 gift card.


    1. You must be following me @brb_mermaiding until end of contest to be eligible to win contest and prize(s).
    2. Who can join: Contest open to everyone age 18+ in the United States only. Sorry. There are too many rules around the world to keep up with. :(
    3. Repost the image above in your Instagram account and TAG me in the photo so I can see you joined the contest.
    4.  JOIN RAFFLE HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway
    5. Additional entries with Twitter option.

    1. No purchase necessary.
    2. Rafflecopter is scheduled May 8, 2017 to May 15, 2017 Pacific time at 12:00am.
    3. Prize is ONE $25.00 LOVE FITNESS APPAREL gift card which will be emailed to the winner due to LOVE FITNESS APPAREL store rules. 
    4. "Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. All gift cards are non-refundable."
    5. Winner may use discount code "SELFLOVE" on website for additional 10% off discount.
    6. No P.O. Boxes. Winner must use residential address for physical gift card.

    Hiking Big Basin Redwoods State Park | Berry Creek Loop

    This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a compensation. For more information please read my disclosure. Read Disclosure

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park
    I wish I would have started blogging when I started doing these excursions with friends but its never too late! We went to Big Basin last October (2016) and worked our way through the Berry Creek Loop which is a 10 mile trip on foot. Except for one member of our group who was joining us from San Jose, we carpooled there because it was a one and a half hour trip just to get there from the East Bay. Part of the mountainous road is very twisty and curvy so be prepared if nausea is an issue. We parked at headquarters so there was a $10 fee (bring cash) to park there but worth it after a 10 mile hike through the woods.

    Come here after a good rainy season to see the waterfalls. There are many large and small waterfalls throughout the Berry Loop. One can also camp here. We met a family half way through our walk that was picking up their campsite to start heading back out. That must be hard work carrying all those items throughout the trail. 
    • This photo was taken in a great spot to have a snack or lunch. There are wooden benches here and you can rest for a bit before continuing on the journey. 
    • Make sure to have a good stretch session here as well. Your muscles will start to tighten the more you stay. I didn't stretch enough while we were here and wound up falling due to a calf muscle cramp in my right leg. It was painful! If you need a training guide, I suggest the "Get Flexy" ebook that comes with the PIIT28 training program.

    What to bring:
    1. Water - A hydration pack or a very large water bottle. 
    2. Layer your clothes. Its chilly here in the morning and in certain areas like near headquarters because of the vast amounts of shade.
    3. Food - some healthy snacks to replenish the calories you'll be burning.
    4. A bag to dispose of garbage or sanitary items. There are no bathrooms along the way so you will have to do your business behind a tree. There is one large tree, in particular, that is often used as a bathroom and people leave all sorts of unhygienic rubbish behind. Please bring a bag and dispose of it when you get back to headquarters.
    5. Hand sanitizer. Take wipes or gel, your call, but you'll definitely want it!
    6. Money/Cards for after the hike. You will be ravenous and may want to eat at the cafe or at another location.

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park - Northern California

    Click photos to enlarge.

    Research Info

    Blogilates | Apartment Friendly Workouts 2

    Blogilates by Cassie Ho

    2014, 2016

    Hips Butt 'n Thighs Super Shaper Workout | POP Pilates
    Published on Jan 20, 2014

    Perfect Legs Workout | POP Pilates
    Published on Mar 3, 2014

    Quick Burn SADDLEBAGS Slimdown! Best Outer Thigh Workout!
    Published on Jun 19, 2016

    Quick Sweat // CARDIO BEAT (At Home Cardio Workout)
    Published on Jul 24, 2016

    Gorgeous Legs // CARDIO BEAT
    Published on Aug 14, 2016

    Hip Hop Fat Burn // CARDIO BEAT (At Home No Jumping Cardio)
    Published on Sep 25, 2016

    Other workouts you may want to try outside, at a studio, or gym.
    The 28 Day Reset Nutrition Guide E-book is also available separately.

    Need some new gym clothes? Check out PopFlex Active!

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